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When I Came Home
Dan Lohaus
An Iraq veteran's struggle for survival after returning from the war
Betty Tells Her Story
Liane Brandon
The classic film about beauty, identity and a dress.
Frontier Youth
John Kane
Growing up in neighboring towns divided by a steel border fence.
Silent Choices
Faith Pennick
African American women and abortion. Finally, the silence is broken.
Tango 73: A Busrider's Diary
Gabriela Quiros
This film illustrates the vital importance of public transportation in urban areas by exploring one bus line and the people whose lives are shaped by the bus schedule and the elements.
She's Just Growing Up, Dear
Julia Tell
Coping with incest and abuse
The Double Burden
Marlene Booth
What is it like to grow up in a family where mothers have always worked outside the home?
Holy Land (Abridged version)
Peter Cohn
"Holy Land" is an unprecedented, multi-character documentary about a tumultuous year in the West Bank. The film zeroes in on the explosive issue of the Israeli settlements: its protagonists are both Israeli settlers and the...
Michael Fountain
An intimate journey inside the lives and work of coal miners.
Breaking Silence: The Story of the Sisters at Desales Heights
Tommie Smith
An examination of social and cultural change, and the impact of such change upon individuals

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