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Wings of Defeat: Animation
"I wanted to live, I didn't want to die." A Japanese Kamikaze pilot relates the story of the air battle that frustrated his military mission and ultimately saved his life.
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Woo Who? May Wilson
This pioneering film, made in 1969 before the women's liberation movement of the 1970s, is a vibrant portrait of the artist. We see her acquiring young new friends and a new self-image, and we watch her gain success as "Grandma Moses of the Underground." We enter into her distinctive world and share her innermost thoughts about artistic process, about the difficult readjustment to being on her own, and about becoming a full-time artist later in life.

Sins Invalid
An unshamed claim to beauty.

TRINIDAD - Broadcast Version
Edifying and intimate, TRINIDAD acquaints viewers with three extraordinary transwomen whose paths cross in an unlikely setting—the unassuming town of Trinidad, Colorado. Against the backdrop of the town’s history of transgender surgery, TRINIDAD invokes the passions and gender politics of these three individuals as they search for a place of empowerment and belonging.