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Maid in America

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They clean other people's homes and raise other families' children - often leaving their own families behind. MAID IN AMERICA is an intimate look into the lives of three Latina immigrants working as nannies and housekeepers in Los Angeles, three of  the nearly 100,000 domestic workers living in that city today.

Judith hasn't seen her four daughters for the two years since she left Guatemala, but hopes to give them a better future by sending half her income back home. Telma, from El Salvador, has cared for the now six-year-old Mickey since he was a baby, essentially becoming his "mom" so his mother can keep her career on track. Eva, one of the thousands of college-educated immigrants who have fled Mexico's unstable economy, is attending night school to improve her skills, and views housekeeping as a necessary transition.

These women's stories vividly reveal how immigrants are redefining their roles, and underscores the vital role they play in many American households. The issue of worker's rights is introduced in the film through Dynamic Workers, a collective of women who have formed their own business to provide job security and benefits, and Domestic Workers Association, a support organization providing information and advocacy. A rare view into what is becoming an increasingly common scenario, MAID IN AMERICA offers insight both into the immigrant experience, labor issues and contemporary Latino culture.








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A powerful depiction of the intertwining of immigration, work, and family issues. Anayansi Prado captures personal sacrifices and collective struggles involved in maintaining our middle-class families' lifestyles by globalizing care work.
Prof. Mary Romero, Author of Maid in USA, School of Justice & Social Inquiry, Arizona State University

Indispensable to courses that examine the contemporary issues of race, ethnicity, class, gender, and immigration. Shows how these women are empowering themselves through grass-roots strategies of collective reliance and economic self-determination in order to overcome the cultural and economic inequalities that impede their quest as women for social justice.
Dr. Richard Santillan, Ethic and Women's Studies, California State Polytechnic University, Pomona

Highly recommended... [A] must see documentary.
Video Librarian

This is a highly emotional view of the seldom-examined face of women immigrants who come alone to the United States
Rafael Ocasio, Agnes Scott College, Decatur, -- Cr'iticas

full review

Touching and intelligent
Tran T. Kim-Trang, Art and History Department, Scripps College

  • Broadcast on Emmy Award-winning PBS series, Independent Lens

  • Cinequest Film Festival - Premiere

  • Los Angeles Film Festival

  • Havana Film Festival, Cuba

  • Women Make Waves, Seoul, Korea

  • CineFestival en San Antonio

  • Puerto Vallarta Film Festival, Mexico

  • Cineteca, Mexico City

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