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abUSed: The Postville Raid

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abUSed: The Postville Raid tells the story of the largest, most expensive and brutal immigration raid in the history of the USA. On May 12, 2008, in Postville Iowa, 900-armed ICE agents arrested and chained 389 immigrant workers from Mexico and Guatemala. The federal government horded these workers through a makeshift judicial assembly line designed to convict them of a felony and deport them. A community was decimated and families torn apart; the Constitution was trampled, the rule of law neglected, due process overlooked, and the human rights of immigrant workers brazenly violated.



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"The story of Postville will open your eyes and shake your deepest human and patriotic convictions."
Erik Camayd-Freixas Certified Federal Interpreter

"It really is a phenomenal piece of work. I don't think I've ever really seen anything that so fully exposes the injustices and lack of due process facing immigrants."
Karen Kaminsky, Deputy Executive Director The New York Immigration Coalition


  • Goteborg International Film Festival, SWEDEN
  • Oneota, Film Festival, Decorah, IA
  • Festival Internacional del Nuevo Cine Latinoamericano, CUBA
  • Honorary Mention, Festival Icaro de Cine y Video Centroamericano, GUATEMALA
  • Boston Latino International Film Festival, MASS
  • C'irculo de la Hispanidad Film Festival, Hempastead, Long Island. NY
  • Unspoken Human Rights Film Festival, Utica, NY
  • The New England Ibero-American Film Festival-RHODE ISLAND
  • Festival Internacional de Cine, Puebla, MEXICO
  • Cine Migrante Film Festival - Bs. As., ARGENTINA
  • Milano Film Festival, Milan, ITALY
  • Arizona International Film Festival, Tucson, AZ
  • Audience Award (2nd Place) Chicago Latino Film Festival, Chicago, IL
  • Bellingham Human Rights Film Festival, Bellingham, WASHINGTON

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