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About New Day Films
Now in its 40th year, the legendary New Day Films is a unique distribution cooperative run by the filmmakers themselves. Specializing in social-issue documentaries, New Day Films have for decades been frequently seen on such television venues as HBO and POV. Our collection includes Academy Award-winners and nominees, Emmy award-winners and nominees, plus winning entries from film festivals around the world. Perhaps even more important, New Day Films have been effective vehicles for social change, helping to expand consciousness about human rights, sexual roles in society, environmental concerns, aging, and much more. Today, we continue to shape opinions and provide an important voice for those who seek social justice in all areas of society. For further information about the revolutionary history of New Day Films, click here/


New Day Digital began exclusively streaming New Day Films’ social-issue documentaries in 2008. Early to market, we started as an experiment in digital delivery that’s grown to significant size and become a model for other distributors. Our strategy is simple – find out what our educational and institutional customers want in streaming media and provide it at prices they can afford.

New Day Digital is owned and operated by the same filmmakers who bring you New Day Films, and we want to hear from you about the kinds of titles and licensing you’d like to see on our site. As technology changes, New Day Digital will change with it, streaming social issue media to new devices and through new media to bring the best social-issue films to the educational marketplace.

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To Have and To Hold
A film By Mark Lipman


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A vibrant ethnography of the cultures, lives and stories that collide in the Balkans at the world's largest brass band festival.

Woo Who? May Wilson
This pioneering film, made in 1969 before the women's liberation movement of the 1970s, is a vibrant portrait of the artist. We see her acquiring young new friends and a new self-image, and we watch her gain success as "Grandma Moses of the Underground." We enter into her distinctive world and share her innermost thoughts about artistic process, about the difficult readjustment to being on her own, and about becoming a full-time artist later in life.

Making Noise in Silence
Making Noise in Silence follows two Korean-born students who attend the California School for the Deaf and explores how they navigate adolescence within the intersection of Deaf and Korean culture.