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Multi-year institutional streams – individually priced. Each New Day filmmaker sets their own price for the 3-year, 5-year, and 7-year streams of their films, based on the price of their DVD and our own costs for bringing the product to you with appropriate bandwidth, security and dependable system back-up. A 14-day In-Class license - $60 Includes classroom rights and institutional viewing option. Just add your institution’s IP address or IP address range to your profile, following your purchase. Term of license begins at purchase.90-Day OnDemand license - $4.99 For individual viewing privileges only.

Why doesn't NDD offer perpetual streaming licenses?

We're occasionally asked about perpetual licensing, but we honestly don't believe it's in the best interests of our filmmakers OR our customers at this time. The marketplace for media is changing almost daily, as are the technologies that bring media to us. In five years, a perpetual license that once looked very attractive might be seen as a bad investment. We see five year licenses as a reasonable compromise that allows our customers to get a solid value for their dollar, while preserving our capability to adapt to changes in the marketplace.

How does NDD discounting work?

Three ways: title-owner, promotional and volume.

  • If your institution already owns a New Day title on DVD or VHS, we’ll give you 30% off the price of an institutional stream. Just click the box when you add that film to your shopping cart. (Title ownership will be verified for each discounted purchase.)
  • New Day filmmakers often provide promotional codes which you can use to receive a significant discount on the purchase of a streaming license. Watch for them in the communications we send to you and use them in the shopping cart where prompted.
  • Volume discounting is a New Day tradition – as with our DVDs, we offer 10% off the purchase price of two institutional streams, or 15% off the purchase of three or more institutional streams.

PLEASE NOTE: Where more than one discount might be applicable, only one will be valid on any given product purchase.

Special needs and large purchases, please contact us directly for custom pricing.

NDD products

For maximum flexibility, many NDD films offer several licensing options:

The Gillian Film
A film By Joanne Hershfield


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Featured New Films

The Year We Thought About Love
What happens when a diverse group of LGBTQ youth dares to be "out" on stage talking truthfully about their lives? As they create a play about love, a theater troupe of Queer youth celebrates the fullness of their lives as young artists and activists.

Raananah: A World of Our Own
Raananah is an intimate look at one remarkable community and its independent people as they gracefully age. Fifty years ago, a group of idealistic Jewish immigrants formed a summer refuge, Raananah. Through home movies, we see the founders as young people and hear of their lives and dreams. Today we meet these same people at Raananah as they reflect on their lives, their children, and aging together with dignity.

A vibrant ethnography of the cultures, lives and stories that collide in the Balkans at the world's largest brass band festival.