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Dear New Day Digital Customer,
We’re pleased to announce that our New Day Digital streaming platform has been integrated with the New Day Films website and you will now be able to access your films at With this upgrade in place, there will no longer be a separate New Day Digital platform. You will now be able to purchase and stream our films directly through the New Day Films site, and you’ll also be able to purchase DVDs from the same film page. We look forward to hearing your feedback on the new fully integrated site.

All of the existing licenses that you have purchased through your New Day Digital account will continue to be operational, but to access your account on the integrated site you will have to reset your password. To reset your password, please go to, click on LOGIN, click on Request New Password, Enter your email address and click on Email New Password. You will receive an email with a link to reset your password.

Once you have logged in and changed your password, you can view your purchased films by going to:

  1. My Account > Orders
  2. Click on an Order Number
  3. Click on a Title

Select Licensee Tools to view all your licensed films and to see your purchase and expiration dates. Here you will also find your new streaming links for institutional use.

We want to make this upgrade as smooth as possible for you, so please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have. If you have any general questions regarding our new service, please contact Karen Knox (). For technical support, please contact Andrea Debellis ().

Best regards and thank you for your patience,
The New Day Steering Committee

Our Film Makers

Adele Horne Alice Bouvrie
Alice Elliott (2 films) Amalie R. Rothschild (4 films)
Amie Williams (2 films) Andrea E Leland (4 films)
Andrew Garrison Angad Bhalla
Ann Kaneko Bev Seckinger
Bonnie Friedman Briar March
Bryan Single Charlotte Lagarde
Christen Marquez Christian Jensen
Christie Herring Cindy Burstein and Tony Heriza
Dan Lohaus Deann Borshay Liem (2 films)
Debbie Lum Debra Chasnoff (11 films)
Deirdre Fishel (4 films) Ellen Brodsky
Ellen Bruno Ellen Frankenstein (4 films)
Ellen Frick (2 films) Erin Davis
Esau Melendez Eva Brzeski
Faith Pennick Faye Lederman (2 films)
Frances Nkara Gabriela Quiros
Gina Levy Goto Toshima
Grania Brolin Greta Schiller (2 films)
Gretchen Stoeltje Heather Courtney (3 films)
Heidi Emberling (2 films) Indira Somani & Leena Jayaswal
Isabel Hill Jacki Ochs (2 films)
Jamie Meltzer Jane Gillooly
Jay Arthur Sterrenberg Jay Rosenstein (2 films)
Jean Michel Dissard (2 films) Jen Gilomen & Sally Rubin (2 films)
Jennifer Redfearn Jenny Cool
Jesse Epstein (3 films) Jim Klein and Julia Reichert (3 films)
Joan Mandell (2 films) Joanne Hershfield (4 films)
John Kane Johnny Symons (3 films)
Jonathan Skurnik (3 films) Juan Mandelbaum (2 films)
Juli Vizza and Alicia Dwyer Kara Herold
Kathy Huang Katie Jennings (2 films)
Keith Wilson (2 films) Kelly Anderson (4 films)
Ken Levine Kimberly Bautista
Kimberly Reed Kiran Deol
Kristy Guevara-Flanagan Laurel Chiten (3 films)
Leo Chiang (4 films) Lexi Leban & Lidia Szajko
Liane Brandon (2 films) Lisa Gossels
Lisa Merton (3 films) Liz Cane
Luis Argueta (2 films) Luisa Dantas
Lynne Sachs Marianne Teleki (3 films)
Mark Lipman (7 films) Marlene Booth (4 films)
Meena Nanji Meerkat Media Collective
Melissa Regan Michael Fountain
Michal Goldman Mike Seely
Mina T Son (2 films) Nancy Kelly (5 films)
Nicole Opper Nila Bogue
Octavio Warnock-Graham Paco de Onis, Pamela Yates, Peter Kinoy (6 films)
Pam Walton (4 films) Pat Ferrero (4 films)
Patricia Goudvis Patty Berne
Peter Cohn (7 films) PJ Raval (4 films)
Rebecca Richman Cohen (2 films) Rebecca Snedeker
Regan Brashear Richard Cox, Janet Cole, and Jamie Stobie
Rick Goldsmith (4 films) Robert Arnold
Robert Richter (4 films) Robin Hessman
Sarah Entine Selena Burks-Rentschler
Shaleece Haas Shannon ORourke (2 films)
Shirley Thompson Stephanie Wang-Breal
Susan Stern (2 films) Susanne Mason
Suzan Beraza (3 films) Tami Gold
Tasha Oldham Theo Rigby (3 films)
Tom Shepard and Joel Engardio Tommie Smith
Vanessa Warheit Yun Suh

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Featured New Films

TRIPTYCH: 3 Women Making Art
Art is one of the oldest activities on Earth, even predating science or math. But too often we forget it is a basic part of a balanced, healthy life. And women and art rarely get serious attention in our culture. Older women in art are virtually ignored. TRIPTYCH showcases 3 women who are vital and productive well into their seventies.

As civil rights for LGBT and other minority groups are won violent backlashes have been known to increase. Today LGBT people are far more likely than any other minority group in the United States to be victimized by violent hate crimes. PUZZLES tells the story of a hate crime in a gay bar called Puzzles Lounge in New Bedford, MA when a teenager entered and brutally attacked its patrons. As a result two different worlds collide, a homophobic hate crime offender and his victims. Puzzles explores the correlation between American economic desperation and homophobia, intolerance, and, ultimately, violence.

Woo Who? May Wilson
This pioneering film, made in 1969 before the women's liberation movement of the 1970s, is a vibrant portrait of the artist. We see her acquiring young new friends and a new self-image, and we watch her gain success as "Grandma Moses of the Underground." We enter into her distinctive world and share her innermost thoughts about artistic process, about the difficult readjustment to being on her own, and about becoming a full-time artist later in life.